Green Sand Beach Videos

Video Directions Explaining How To Get To South Point and Green Sand Beach


This video will help anyone trying to figure out how to get to green sand beach at the southern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. There are no tours or guides for this must see attraction so best to plan accordingly. Many people get confused once down near South Point so this presentation outlines the drive down, the key turns needed to get to the area, and then the actual hike out to the bay where the deserted volcano cinder cone serves as the backdrop for one of the most interesting beaches not only in Hawaii but in the world.

Down On The Green Sand As The Waves Come In


Please pay careful attention to the wind and waves at green sand beach. At times the current can be strong although quite often you are able to enjoy swimming in such a neat place. Just don’t go out too far and remember to bring a change of cloths (dry cloths) as you will be hiking back out.